• Solid hardwood wide-profile top rails
  • Accu-Ball control cushions are K-66 tournament grade
  • Solid hardwood sub-rails are designed to deliver optimal ball response
  • One inch 3 piece oversized slate is diamond honed for a perfect playing surface that meets or exceeds BCA specifications.
  • Solid core slate line is laminated, mailed and precision cut to ensure a true level, a quiet game and clean felt installation.
  • Genuine mother of perl inlayed diamond site are an elegant complient.
  • Solid hardwood leg mounts…solid as a rock!
  • Uniframe support structure is formed combining 1 1/2” x 4 1/2” solid hardwood cross-members interlocked by heavy gauge steel bracketing.
Model Length Width Weight
8FN 88 " 44" 800 lbs.